Tuesday, December 13, 2011

chrysantheMUM's the word

As a child, I was fascinated by the story of "Chrysanthemum", the tale of a young mouse who experienced distaste for her name, but eventually learned to love it as she found it provided her with an unparalleled outlook and sense of individuality. 

As an adult, I have held the moral of Chrysanthemum's story to heart and have recently translated my childhood fondness of Mum's inspiring words into a new form; flower arrangements.

Yes, sweet Chrysanthemum has leaped off the pages of a book and into my living room, dining room and bedroom!

In a season full of poinsettias, pine and holly, I relish the opportunities to be unique, much like Chrysanthemum, and spread holiday cheer in a way that speaks to me. Sure, I could decorate with the standard green garland and berries, but why settle for the expected when the unexpected is far more inspiring? 

And with there being more than 30 species of this beautiful flower, you have the ability to incorporate your favorite Chrysanthemum not only through this holiday season, but everyday  throughout the year. Why, because C' Est Si Bon!

                          Here are my favorite holiday and everyday inspired MUM arrangements:

And naturally.....

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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Laws To Living Sweetly According To Katy Atlas

If I were asked to choose one word to describe celebrity lifestyle blogger, Katy Atlas, I believe "awe-inspiring" would be befitting.

Considered to be one of those rare, Renaissance Woman cases, Katy has quite the well-rounded resume! 

As a graduate from Princeton and NYU, Katy has utilized her degrees to....wait for iiiiitttt......practice law; write a new young adult novel, "Moving Neutral"; and compose the ever-so-popular blog SUGARLAWS. 

Yes, people, I think we all have the same question. Question being "how does she do it all?" 

If you know me, then you also know that I HAD to ask Katy the question myself, and to my surprise, the answer sounded so simple.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Atlas for the second time last night at an event that I threw in her honor, and just as she was the first time I met her, Katy dawned perfect hair, beautiful clothing/accessories, and a smile that could captivate a room. Humble and gracious, Katy was more than willing to provide me with the answers that I HAVE to know in order to grow a successful blog and brand.

Following my many questions, it seemed Katy never tired and remained eager to share her "secrets". Here's what I took from our conversation and feel compelled to share with all of you:

1) Don't lose focus. It takes time for blogs/websites to take off, so remain committed and hopeful to your craft even if you are your only follower.

2) Network. The more people you meet, the more opportunities you have to promote your craft.

3) Genuine and humbled are two key characteristics to success. The moment you meet Katy you feel as though you are with your best friend. You never feel as though you are in the presence of someone who socializes with Patricia Field, Rachel Roy, and countless other celebs.

4) Find time for the things you most admire. If you find yourself passionate about law, blogging, and writing GO FOR IT! As long as there are hours in the day, there is time for what you love. Be that person you've always imagined. Who says you can't? 

Take my advice and follow Katy's blog, purchase her novel, and pursue the things you love! Why, because c' est si bon!

If you have your own Katy Atlas story to share please feel free to tell us about it. Share your comments and leave photos.


Katy's blog:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From The Bedroom to the Boardroom

As a twenty-something woman trying to navigate this fast-paced world, I constantly find myself gravitating to items that I feel best serve my life with practicality and ease.

Whether investing in the newest slap-chop device that promises to increase my efficiency in the kitchen or purchasing the perfect handbag that translates from day-to-night (ehem, ehem, Makell Marble Stingray from Elaine Turner), I have bought it all.

So naturally, when New York Magazine made their newest post, "Street Pajamas-Out of the Bedroom And Into the Boulevard" I couldn't help but feel that it was my obligation as a member of the fashion community to spread the ingenious notion of rocking your PJ's all-day-every-day.

Now ladies, surely there are a few of you who are brave enough to sport your favorite silk jammies around town, but before you do, please keep in mind that there a few essential things that you must know before taking the plunge:

1) Not every set of pajamas will do the trick. Stay away from flannels, cottons, fleece....I think you get the picture, and focus on your satins and silks. 

2) Just because you're wearing your favorite pajamas, you don't have an excuse to keep on your favorite house slippers! Swap those suckers out for a sleek stiletto or exotic-skin loafer. The objective is to break up the "pajama" look with a shoe that makes your outfit sizzle.

3) Don't be afraid to explore accessories. For instance, on the pajamas shown above, imagine a skinny, calf-hair leopard belt to cinch the waist, stacked gold bangles, a gold/gemstone necklace with several layers and depending on the time, either a clutch or medium-sized handbag. 

4) Keep your hair simple. Personally, I love the look of the top-knot bun in the above image, a loose braid that cascades down the side of your neck, straight and sleek, or a simple half-up-half down. No need for the Snooki poof here, or well, EVER.

5) Lastly, always remember to wear clean and wrinkle-free pajamas out on the town. The idea is to wear in the bedroom and boardroom, but not directly from one to the other. Hygiene people, hygiene.

I hope you all have fun trying this new fashion trend! As always, I encourage you to take pictures, leave comments and share them on my blog and with your fellow bloginistas. Why? Because C'Est Si Bon!